Bebe Rexha Talks Getting Kissed by Trey Songz!

Bebe Rexha tells an amazing story about how she was kissed by Trey Songz, then denies him.

Clique TV interviews Trey Songz!

Two weeks ago we met Trey Songz, in Paris for his concert with Nicki Minaj at the Zénith. Often called “the world’s most sexy singer”, 2015 is his year. After his album Trigga pushed its way to the top position on the charts from the first week of its release last June, he is now on a world tour.

Between anecdotes about his childhood, R.Kelly and Stevie Wonder, Trey Songz talks to us about business strategy, the latent racism of the music industry, the difficulties artists come into today – even someone of his stature – to make it in the music business in the US.


Trey Songz: ‘Intermission’ Track-by-Track Mixtape Review

Hello ladies, Trey Songz is not letting you take a break, he is back with a surprising new mixtape that holds exclusively fresh songs. This mixtape is titled Intermission. Intermission is defined as “The act of suspending activity temporarily.” Let your imagination run wild as you think about what he is putting on hold so he can deal with you first. This gentleman is not resting, his most recent album Trigga was highly successful and we are still heavily enjoying the songs off it. As if that was not enough, he also recently released “Slow Motion,” an exceedingly magnificent song accompanied with an even more magnificent video. Now he is here again for you with Intermission.

Trey Songz knows how to deal with his biggest group of fan—the ladies of course; this mixtape demonstrates that quite distinctly. It may be oblivious, but the fellows are the biggest beneficiaries of Trey’s music. If you do not know what I mean, the next time she comes around, let Trey’s music be the only sound coming through your speakers–you’ll thank me later.

Intermission is every bit the hype it is getting on social media all over the world. To start it off, Trey Songz brings back his charismatic introductions. The intro on this mixtape will have you wishing you were one of the people in the audience at that concert. It is builds the right amount of excitement for the rest of the 5 songs on the mixtape.

These 5 songs are baby-makers from the man that knows how to make the divine act sound a lot more interesting. The vividness in the lyrics on this mixtape is as good as Trey Songz always delivers: he describes a scene and you can draw an accurate mental picture. I must commend the consistence he has displayed on all his projects with such vividness; it is undisputed and Trey Songz only gets better.

“Don’t Play” is the second song (counting the intro as the first song), and Trey Songz is asking her if she’s in or out. He is ready to make love and he would like to know her stand. The honesty on this song reminds me of “Smartphones,” where he does not pretend and straight up tells us that he is going to run to her and lie right to her face. The same level of dangerous honesty is displayed here, he tells her not to play and make it clear whether she’s in or not, because he has a lot of girls that would love to take her place; only Trey Songz can do that and get away with it.

The third song is titled “Boss,” where he is giving her what she wants. She has always wanted to be with a boss, and Trey Songz is treating her to the boss life, his life. It doesn’t matter what it costs, what she wants he’s got it, what she needs, he’s got it. He is prepared to do her right and if she stays the night, she will surely “get it” right. What could be better than that? The boss life, perfective baby-making and the man behind all this is Trey Songz. I can tell you what ladies,nothing; nothing could be better for you.

“Good Girls vs. Bad Girls” is reality check that comes in as track number four. “Bad girls ain’t never been good for me / good girls ain’t never been enough for me / Bad girls ain’t never been good to me / good girls ain’t never been enough for me,” is what Trey Songz is complaining about on this song. The reality in this is all too real. Good girls for some yet to be known reason are never really enough, they leave one wanting more unless, she is “the one.” Bad girls on the other hand are fun to be with but they are not good for you. They come with cheating and heartache and treating you like she’s doing you a favor. Trey tells his tale on “Good Girls vs. Bad Girls.”

When dealing with women, there are things that you are never really ready to talk about and you are not the only one, even Trey Songz deals with this. “Talk about it” the second last song on the mixtape is about that. “My mind is so heavy and time doesn’t let me think about sh*t / so much stress in my life that am holding it inside / then i think about this /she saying we ain’t got to talk about it, if I don’t want to talk about it / but if I want to talk about it, she’s all ears,” he sings.

“Listen, you got to stop blaming yourself…” is the intro to the last song titled “Change.” You just might have lived long enough to hear “Mr. Steal your Girl” confess to wanting to change his ways, but with all the games aside, he is willing to change for her. She doesn’t have to change, he does. He takes the blame because he knows it’s his and she has got to stop blaming herself. She has been there from the start and now he is ready to change for her; she deserves it. She has held on long enough and has been broken hearted, yet she still forgives him. Well, now “Mr. Steal your Girl” is willing to change for her and this isn’t a hoax, “it’s true,” which is something you’ll hear him claim in the song.

What can I say? Intermission is another Trey Songz master creation. If the songs must be few, let them be exceptionally delivered. Trey Songz’ music has surmounted almost all of the other R&B music out there about the same things he sings about. This can only be done by an artist that has reinvented his talent and used it to the best of his abilities. Will this mixtape leave you wanting more? Of course it will. But you’ll be too engaged in these awesome songs, that feeling may not cross your mind more than twice. Trey Songz is on a continuous exhibition of growth and perfection, which has given us outstanding music over the years.

Intermission shows off all the things that makes Trey Songz the undisputed R&B artist when it comes to vividly appealing to his audiences with what he delivers. It is spectacular, his vocals are flawless and he is once again unstoppable. The competition in the industry is aggressively creative and in this war, only the brave shall survive: Trey Songz employed heavy artillery with this mixtape with an additional five weapons in his arsenal as he takes over the industry.

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Trey Songz Gives a Look at His Tour Life in “TRIGGA Reloaded: The Intermission” Documentary

Over the past year, Trey Songz released his latest album, Trigga, and headed on the Between the Sheets tour with Chris Brown and Tyga. Then he headed overseas to open for Nicki Minaj on the European leg of The Pinkprint​ tour. It’s been a busy few months and yesterday, to keep fans happy, he released a 6-track mixtape appropriately titled Intermission.

“A lot has happened in a year and after most recently completing two mega tours from the US to Europe, I felt re-energized by the love and wanted to share this glimpse of the journey while giving my fans some new music with ‘Intermission,'” he says. “The love I’ve received is beyond belief, I’ve attempted to reciprocate it by sharing this vulnerable yet genuine piece.”

While fans wait for Trigga Reloaded to drop in June, take a look at what Trey’s life has been like for the last few months on tour—which includes some tour bus singalongs, celebrating his goddaughter’s birthday, and more.

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Trey Songz gives a brief “Intermission.”

Yesterday, just about every Trey Songz fan was disappointed to find that the Reloaded version of Trigga wasn’t available for purchase anywhere. However, Mr. Steal Yo Girl did release a new, 6 track, mixtape titled, “Intermission.” You can listen below or download it from! Trigga: Reloaded will now be released June 23rd!

Sage the Gemini (ft. Trey Songz) – “Guantanamera”

The Nick Jonas-assisted “Good Thing”, leaked last week, won’t be the first single from Sage the Gemini’s forthcoming second studio album in the end. For the Californian rapper premiered today (April 10) via SoundCloud the official first single which is a collaboration with another artist but not with Mr. Jonas but with R&B crooner Trey Songz and titled “Guantanamera”.

Over an infectious, hard-knocking urban production, Sage the Gemini and Trigga rap/sing about having lovers (or “bad bitches” as they say) from Guantanamo – the prison that is, I assume. Well, isn’t that great? I bet they are some tough girls if they come from where they say they come.

Besides being a pretty dope urban jam, which has the potential of doing serious damage on urban radio, urban charts and clubs this summer, “Guantanamera” might be the first anthem of the many to come from American artists in honor of the recent better relationship between Cuba and the United States, lol.

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Between The Sheets Tour GA
Gallery Update: Between The Sheets Tour



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Trey Songz Beverage SX Liquors Launch NY
Gallery Update: SX Liquors Bottle Signing 2.20.15


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Trey Songz And SX Liquors Take You Behind The Scenes Of His ‘Slow Motion’ Video

Trey Songz is a man with great taste. Last month, the professional panty-dropper partnered with the founder and CEO of SX (Sensual and Exotic Liquors), David Knight, to help introduce the quality liquor brand via the steamy video for “Slow Motion.”

With the beautiful Tanaya Henry as leading lady, a lavish penthouse as the backdrop, and a bottle of SX ChaChaCha Tequila (Trey’s favorite) on deck, “Slow Motion” swiftly leads to the bedroom turn-up.

Trigga has also been spotlighting his partnership in big ways. His current “Between the Sheets” tour with Chris Brown and his upcoming European tour with Nicki Minaj allow for the perfect promo. Need more convincing? The gluten-free, barrel-aged SX libations come hand-crafted from Jalisco, Mexico, in different flavors of tequila, rum and vodka, and can often be found at Songz’ shows.

“We will not fail, you will see SX everywhere I go,” the singer said at a recent press conference in New York. “It will be used as a tool. If you want Trey Songz, you got to have SX, too…”

Peep the product placement in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Trey’s “Slow Motion” video below.


Trey Songz Collaborates With SX Liquors

A power team comprised of Trey Songz and businessman David Knight, who has managed household names from Frito Lay to Gatorade, is bringing a trio of spirits to the world.

Knight was dissatisfied with the liquor market available to women and saw the opportunity to develop a product that catered to women. “The only way to do that was to find the best person on the planet who could help us market,” Knight said. He defines the brand in two words: sexy and fun. “There are two things that represent that, it’s the bottle and Trey.”

For Trigga, the collaboration with SX is organic. “It aligns with my lifestyle,” he said. After his management team brought the idea of the collab to his attention, he admits that what initially drew him in was the design of the bottle. “It’s a lady’s legs crossed,” he continued, “sexy but classy at the same time.”

Targeting a sophisticated female demographic, the collection of tequila, rum and vodka is handcrafted and produced in Jalisco, Mexico. The vodkas are gluten free, the rums are distilled from sugar cane and the tequilas are aged for nine months in bourbon barrels.

With Songz releasing Trigga Reloaded in April and another album titled Tremaine at the end of 2015, he’s convinced that SX will only be another success. “I envision it to be fastest growing spirits of 2015. We will not fail.” He adds, “You will see SX everywhere I go. If you want Trey Songz, you’ve gotta have SX too.”

Knight and Songz have one mission statement: “To make the world sexier one [Latin infused] sip at a time.”